Core Values

Connect with our Values

There are certain fundamental values that have been at the very center of all that has, and continues, to drive Harvest Family Church.  This is the basic DNA of Pastor Paul Capehart, our team, and is reflected through the entire ministry process of the church.

This is referred to as the VALUES of Harvest Family Church. If a person wants to know what makes us “tick” as a church they may refer to our values.  Everything we do is driven by these values.  You can readily evaluate if Harvest Family Church is a fit for you by evaluating your values and seeing if they are a “fit” with Harvest Family Values.  It’s that simple.

We Value Authenticity

Our communication is transparent, interaction is encouraged in our small groups, and our atmosphere is friendly and inviting. We provide a place where people can come as they are, be who they are, and find love, acceptance & God’s plan in a “real” environment.

We Value Biblical community

We have small groups for all ages where people can connect and grow with others through fellowship, prayer, communion and the study of God’s Word.

We Value Ethnic Diversity

We have ethnically diverse staff, leadership, ministry teams and congregation. We are a “House of Prayer” for ALL Nations.

We value God’s Presence

We prioritize specific times set aside for corporate prayer. We encourage individuals to cultivate a life of prayer. We prioritize public gatherings that provide an opportunity to experience God’s Presence through singing, praying, giving, preaching & a personal responsiveness in the altar. We cultivate an atmosphere and allow for the genuine, orderly operation of the 1st Corinthians 12 Spiritual Gifts in our gatherings. We prioritize specific times set aside for corporate prayer.

We Value Mission

We encourage a lifestyle of daily personal friendship evangelism. We financially invest in national and international ministries, missionaries and projects. We plan seasonal community events and outreaches to reach the unsaved.

We Value Spiritual Growth

We believe people will grow spiritually if they attend corporate worship weekly, participate in a small group consistently, use their gifts to serve in ministry regularly and reach out in love to the lost daily.

We Value the Word of God

It is the final rule of our faith and practice in our services, small groups, discipleship and evangelism. We place a strong emphasis on strong, anointed Biblical preaching and teaching that aims for life transformation. We do everything we can to get God’s word in everyone’s hands and encourage daily, private devotion and reading of God’s Word in every believers life for ultimate spiritual growth and life change.